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The human microbiome refers to the collective genome of the microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) that live in and on the human body, primarily in the gut. The human gut microbiome is composed of trillions of microorganisms that play important roles in health and disease, including regulating the immune system, synthesizing vitamins, and breaking down food. A healthy gut microbiome is characterized by a diverse and balanced community of microorganisms. However, imbalances in the gut microbiome (such as decreased diversity or an overgrowth of harmful bacteria) have been associated with various health conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, and depression.

Factors that can disrupt the gut microbiome include diet, stress, antibiotics, and illness. To support a healthy gut microbiome, it is recommended to eat a diverse diet that includes plenty of fiber-rich plant foods, limit antibiotics, reduce stress, and consider taking probiotics and/or prebiotics.

Daily 3 System

Our Daily 3 System is one pack of three complementary products: Next Balance, Next Detox and PhytoPower. The Daily 3 System was designed to promote a healthier gut microbiome by introducing and feeding good bacteria, and limiting/purging bad bacteria.

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Microbiome Care

Our name says it all. We love our microbiomes! And whether your goal is to take care of your gut microbiome, your skin microbiome, or both, we are the right company to usher you into this exciting new era.

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It All Starts
in the Gut!

The gut microbiome is your body’s center of good health.

Improving the health and condition of your gut microbiome is the most important thing you can do for your overall health.

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