Postbiotic Body Souffle



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Postbiotic Body Souffle

This luxurious body soufflé features a blend of globally sourced postbiotic ingredients, specially chosen for the skin’s unique microbiome.

This product is personal to me. To be honest, I envisioned this product for myself. In our former company, we created a topical product that was a blessing and miracle for so many people, including myself. I was determined to build on that product. To create a universal, use-every-day product for everyone that could become an essential part of everyone’s day.

Years ago, I met a genius named Mario DeLuigi, who is one of the greatest creative minds in the cosmetics and skincare world. Mario founded a boutique cosmetic/skincare development company named b.Kolor just outside of Milan, Italy. Meeting Mario and his team was sheer kismet. We have collaborated on many products, and our latest collaboration is LoveBiome Postbiotic Body Souffle.

b.Kolor took our vision and made it a reality. Mario and I searched the world for amazing ingredients that we could combine together to strengthen, diversify, and nourish the skin microbiome. And then we unlocked the power of one of the latest skincare innovations: postbiotics. The result was our magnificent Postbiotic Body Souffle.

Our Body Souffle absorbs easily into the skin. It isn’t greasy, the ingredients are natural, and the subtle fragrance is perfect.

I use this product every single day. From the top of my head (I’m bald remember) to the tip of my toes. It feels so good going on, and I feel the impact of it throughout the day. This is my skin anti-aging product. I heal better, and since the skin microbiome is so important to overall health, I know I am far more resistant to viruses and attacks on my immune system.

This is a product that you can build an entire company around. This is a perfect product to begin with new customers. It is priced right, and it has a huge retail profit opportunity. I guarantee your customers will love it, and they will come back again and again.

This is a business-building product. Two tubes will meet your PV requirements for Affiliate Plus and Merchant, and that will unlock 25% of front-end rewards on your customers and their customers.

By the way, just to punctuate my story I want to share the experience my wife, Arlene, had with Postbiotic Body Souffle.

“LoveBiome Body Souffle is my favorite product. The fragrance is light but not overwhelming, and I love that. I love that I can use it on my face, hands, arms, and legs. It has a very nice, smooth layering that blends in well and feels so good on my skin. I can feel my skin tightening and smoothing.”

“I can observe rough spots, abrasions, and imperfections in my skin healing faster. When I use it on my face there is no oily residue that I need to cover up. The study I have done on postbiotics has convinced me that this is my go-to body product from now on. Love it!”

So there you go. We would not sell something that we don’t use and love ourselves. Accept our invitation. Whatever you are using now, put it on the shelf for 30 days and replace it with our Postbiotic Body Souffle. Not happy after 30 days? Return it for a full refund.

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